Anti-Static Tape Brushes

Anti-Static Tape Brushes

Anti-Static Tape Brushes

Fraser Tape Brushes are used on paper and plastics handling equipment, marking, labelling and coding machines.

Powerful anti-static brushes that are easy to use and install.

  • These brushes have a large  number of highly conductive, soft stainless steel filaments with a diameter of 12μ.
  • The fine tips of these fibres concentrate the electric field of the static charge and ionise the surrounding air.
  • This ionised air produces ions of  the opposite polarity to neutralise the static charge.
  • The Tape Brushes have a conductive adhesive on the tape body. This is used to stick the Tape Brush to a conductive and grounded part of the machine. No other fixing is required.
  • The versatility of Fraser Tape Brushes allows them to be formed  into non-linear shapes, as required.
  • Available in two standard  sizes - Models 406/7 and 409/11.

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