850/850E Anti-Static Cord

850/850E Anti-Static Cord

850/850E Anti-Static Cord

100% conductive microfibre filament cord: a new and effective method of neutralising unwanted static electricity.

850 Anti-Static Cord offers a cost-effective solution to many static issues where investment in electrical static eliminators cannot be justified.

  • Versatile in use with rapid installation. In most applications it can simply be draped over the material.
  • For many applications 850 Cord is a more durable alternative to traditional Anti -Static Tinsel. See Datasheet for 801 Anti-Static Tinsel.
  • Reduces high static charges by up to 90%.
  • Especially suited for use with winders and unwinders.
  • Used extensively in the paper handling, plastics, packaging, textile and related industries.
  • 850 = Standard Anti-static Cord.
  • 850E = Elasticated Anti-static Cord.

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